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Author Topic: 365th day  (Read 710 times)

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365th day
« on: December 31, 2017, 10:09:50 PM »
Another year is almost under our belt. We can all look back and see what we had hoped to do and what we actually did. I know I didn’t get any prettier, lighter and more hair on my head… but I feel I did as much as I could…not just for me but for others. Maybe that is the way to go and not make self the center. The year starts out slow… and we think we have so much time to begin our “resolutions” and then… WHOOSH!!! It is the middle of December and we rush but then we have other things on our minds… CHRISTMAS!. HANUKKAH!... and a plethora of other celebrations. A mad dash occurs. Then we think…well…those things we didn’t or couldn’t accomplish in the last year…we might add or repeat the list for the NEW YEAR. Yup… makes sense (Laughing). In the end, we do our best to better ourselves…for us or for our family and friends. Though not perfect and the jobs was not finished, we celebrate the coming of a brand new year and feel we will continue where we left off and add more. The transition is supposed to make us feel good about ourselves and our decisions and have hopes that others will be feeling the same about themselves. Now the clock is ticking even faster and soon the ball will drop. Colored lights, confetti, cheers and the food and drink will flow. We will tip a toast to Old Man 2017 and smile expectantly to the New 2018 Baby. We have to remember where we came from and anticipate the voyage to where we are going. We hope it will be with a lasting smile and that is all we can do. We have to remember those who didn’t make the trip in the last 365 days and open to the new in the 365 days to come. To all who made the trip with me this last year… I thank you. To those that didn’t, God Bless. All we can do is hope the future is better for us all, and additional hopes to do as much as we can to make it so. So… after all of this, in a simple way… I wish you all a GREAT New Year and be careful … we have the 365 day trip to meet, yet again. Be safe.


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Re: 365th day
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2018, 08:45:01 AM »
Happy New Year to all. We spent it sitting at home as usual and hung out until Midnight and then off to bed around 12:30. I have spent the last week on vacation and have enjoyed staying up past my bedtime and sleeping in until almost 8 some days. Sadly tomorrow I will be required to renter my normal life and go back to the grind be back to the usual grind. I wish everyone the best for 2018 and make the next trip around the calendar in good shape!

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Re: 365th day
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2018, 11:08:22 AM »
Happy New Year everyone. Be safe out there.
“Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?” ― Peter Hitchens


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Re: 365th day
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2018, 02:14:01 PM »
Happy New Year to all of my EE Ticket friends.  May 2018 be a healthy one for us all.  Learned a lot in 2017.  Retired January 1, 2017 and worried about adjusting.  Huh!!!  No adjustment problems as far as I can see.  Not getting more done, but enjoying everything more.  Another year older but hopefully we are all a bit wiser.  Happy New Year to you all.
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