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Author Topic: * CLP REPORT *  (Read 2486199 times)

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« Reply #11430 on: October 11, 2018, 03:13:51 PM »
In case the masses were wondering..... the Bankruptcy Court has dismissed the companion case against the Trustee's by Park Restoration for recovery of the insurance funds (again). I would anticipate at least one more effort by PR to try and position itself to recover the funds. PR now has 14 days to file an appeal (from Friday) if it wishes.

If you like legal reading, you can read the courts judgement here:

More meat for the masses, Park Restoration has  filed an appeal to the Circuit Court over the latest dismissal of their  insurance claim.Have a great weekend at Pumpkinfest everyone!
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« Reply #11431 on: October 13, 2018, 02:31:10 PM »
I was considering coming to Pumpkinfest but there is too much going on here at the beach.  This is the weekend of Rehoboth's Jazz Festival ( A Doo Wop Festival would turn me on more, as you all know ) and I signed up to enter a Chili Cookoff this evening at the American Legion here. ( My Vegetarian Chili is cooking in the crock pot now - wonder how many "meat eaters" will try it ! )  IF you caught the news about Dr. Ford, our little piece of Heaven here (Rehoboth Beach) was mentioned. She was a waitress here at the Waterfront Bar/Restaurant, Dewey Beach. (which was a good "trolling place" for we Singles from the Washington D.C. area who were in group beach houses on Summer Weekends. ) Dewey was and still is quite the "Party Town" and I'll bet Dr. Ford was a WILLING participant also !  Anyway, I would have liked to do some Karaoke at my loved CLP Hotel last night.  The "Doo Wop Kid" might have driven those listening to drink more to put up with my singing ! Oh well, maybe tonight I will have that effect at Post #5 after the cookoff.  You all back there, go to the Pumpkinfest if you can and keep supporting the Park. Take some pics so we who can not make it can bring up memories of our days there.  I hope to make it to the Park sometime next year.
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gore range

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« Reply #11432 on: Yesterday at 10:20:52 AM »
....passed along from the from the social media contingency for factual validation–

....factually, and not reported by the local press or the park-

....per the park’s own court filing’s, the park’s most recently reported debt is larger than when the park filed for bankruptcy four years ago, even after the last of the recent final lakefront lot sales

- per the park’s own court filings, the park states it has  not earned enough revenue on its day to day operations to be able to make its agreed to bankruptcy debt payments, and per the park’s own court filings indicate the park has missed making a majority of its quarterly bankruptcy debt payments since the park’s  bankruptcy plan was approved

- per the park’s filings and court rulings, the park is currently on its third extension for the time period for the park to file a final decree to close its bankruptcy case and end its continuing bankruptcy court protection against creditor’s efforts to collect on the park’s unpaid debts

- per the tax bodies’ attorney’s most recent bankruptcy court filings, the park had yet to pay off it agreed to back property tax debt

- per the park’s own bankruptcy court filing,  the park could not afford to pay its 2017 sewer bill and had to ask the court permission to use funds generated rated from the recent Dollar General lot sale to satisfy their 2017 sewer bill

- per the park’s most recent court filing on creditor debt, the park owes the Conneaut Lake Joint Municipal Authority, the area sewer provider, $605,680.89 of secured debt in unpaid back sewer taxes and fees.

- in addition to the $605,680.89 the park states it owes the sewer authority, per the park’s own  creditor filings, the park states it owes Joseph Prischak, $770,898.23 in secured debt
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