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Author Topic: Edgar, Evelyn and a New Errand  (Read 2283 times)

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Edgar, Evelyn and a New Errand
« on: January 17, 2010, 12:02:21 AM »
Edgar, Evelyn and a New Errand
16 January 2010, 4:31 pm

I love antique shops. I very rarely ever buy much of anything but I do love them.

For me an antique shop is more like a free museum of things that have just seemed to outlast their original purpose. I enjoy burrowing around inside, seeking out these items of another time and if I am particularly lucky on a given excursion I may find something that I have no idea at at what it is or what it was used for. I make a mental note of the item, perhaps a manufacturer name and once in a while snap a picture with my cell phone. The photographing thing is very quickly becoming taboo at these shops. Sometimes they do not want you to go home and google the same item and find out that their low discounted price might still be somewhat inflated.

Another phenomenon that happens in these shops is that there comes a day when astounded to find that you are aged enough to have actually used or owned some of these items when they were still serving their original purpose. Once in a while you round a corner and are faced with an item that touches off a memory long stored away of a favorite toy or a kitchen utensil that you can still picture a long passed Grandmother using in her kitchen. These never fail to make me smile, and are another of the main reasons I keep rummaging through them.

By now maybe you are asking yourself about the children, you know the ones at the upper right of this rambling post. Cute aren't they? In case you don't recognize them they are Edgar and Evelyn. He is five and she is eight months.

As I have pointed out in a series of blog posts in the past, these kinds of pictures sadden me. I know that the fine folks who have the little antique booths in the co-ops buy up estates that have gone to auction to acquire inventory to sell, but there is, to me at least, a big difference between selling a tea cup and some one's picture. These are photographs of some one's babies, some one's Grandfather, children that were dear to many people. I always think that the right person presented with that particular picture may be really touched and treasure it dearly. So, ignoring my distaste for these types of items being for sale, I bought this picture today.

A group of earlier posts in this blog told the story of a marriage license that I found in an antique store in Bolivar Ohio that I was able to reunite with a very nice man who was the wedded couple's grandson. The gentleman had reached his early eighties and was able to rescue not only the license but other family ephemera from the estate as well. This was a very satisfying experience for me.

My new errand is to put this particular picture of Edgar and Evelyn into the hands of someone who will dearly love to have it. Not sell it mind you, just give it. I have their names, ages and the seal of the photographer that took the portrait. Just like with the marriage license errand I will post any progress, or lack thereof as I go along if anyone is interested.

As you can tell, it has been quite a while since the last Errand post. If any of this is indecipherable or reads as gibberish you have my apology. I have just been busy chasing ideas and digging treasure... I will try to clean up the place a bit, update the books section and try to find something else compelling to tell a story about soon.

If any are interested about the marriage license adventure here are links to the posts:

Source: The Absorbing Errand

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