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No, tropical storm/hurricane Fiona has not officially  formed yet. For some reason this one worries me. I usually don't get bent until a) the storm is withing 300 miles of me and b) when my place in in the cone of wobble.

I don't know why but it does. How about Tife, Ol Fatty, Beanie and any other southerners?

Because it is the name of the princess in Shrek.  :rofl:
When I saw the list of names early on, this was the one that frightened me. I don't profess to be a prognosticator, but I am loading up on water. I'm good to go for 3 days, but I don't think it will get here (NW FL). I am on the disaster response team at work, so I will probably go where it hits.

Yes, I know about the Shrek connection, ogre and all. 
I suppose we can all lose it when hurricane Tinkerbell comes a calling.
Hope I don't see you down here!

isn't fiona the woman character that is always blowung something up on the show burn notice???lol!!

Ol Fatty is juast sittin here waitin to see whats going on. Maybe we'll have to bail outa here, but who knows. I got the place insured quite good. So if it goes, we'll take the insurance money and run back to Penna. and take our chances with the snow.


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