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This could be a rough summer

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So far the weather in 2011 has not been kind to the eastern part of the country. I'm sure we're all aware of what happened in Joplin, MO last night. Puffin is not too far away from there for those of you that's don't know that so here's hoping he'll make an appearance to tell us he's okay.

Below is the year to date severe weather map that has not included the past week of activity. At this point according to NOAA we are nstionally close to reaching our annual average for the number of tornodaos. It's not ever June yet.

And they are predicting an active hurricane season, 12-18 named storms. Kind of doubt that the US will be missed by all of them as we were last year.

Shhhhh... I will take all the misses I can get. I don't want to go through another 2004-2005.

Thats an excellent graphic NP.
With all this rain, The Mississippi is going to be running high for a long time.
Here there is a lot of seasonal tourist business dependent on the areas lakes and rivers.
But with the lakes at or nearly at full flood stage, a lot of campgrounds and resorts are in the water. The rivers are at or over the banks and will be for a long time. This is the second time thats happened 3 years.
The local ranchers have been delayed about 10 days from making their first cutting of hay. Might need another week of dry weather to get equipment in the fields.

Glad to see you're apparently okay Puffin in spite of all the regionally nasty weather. Mother Nature has been brutal beyond words in that region of the country this year.


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