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Apparently they ain't all that. We've had this discussion (far) in part in the past. However, this is a really interesting read. If anybody is unfamiliar with the IEEE, they have more than just "some" knowledge of how electrical systems work.

gore range:
....back in the spy satellite days we always loved the winter in the commie bloc countries when we had to search for and report on numerous critical industries and military facilities, as  they stood out on the imagery, even without using the magnifying optics, like black cancerous canker sores  on the snow cover due to their incredibly dirty and environmental lethal energy production and utilization- mostly coal fired....

....and they haven't changed one bit during their rapid modernization over the recent decades in their transitioning to become huge manufacturing forces on the global market as they all have  waivers under the terms of the completely dysfunctional and highly biased '97 Kyoto Protocol Treaty....  new coal-fired electrical generator plant in Russia, China, or the largest democracy in the world- India, cancels out the all the positive impact of 100s of thousands of electrical cars, which, of course, have yet to be produced.....

....and that is just one of thousand's of new fossil-fuel generating plants being constructed in the former 'under-developed' world....

....those buying an electric car think they are making a difference, but they not only are not,  they are as well enabling one of the greatest hoaxes foisted on the free world in the history of the planet, as well as placating their pseudo  'environmental commitment' and personal satisfaction with nothing but ignorance....

most folks have absolutely no concept of just what complete political crap producing and selling electric cars here....


Heh! Mr bh and I have been car shopping for a couple weeks. We need to replace both vehicles but need to do the work car first.

I was considering the prius. Mr bh,not so much. I like the mpg but Mr bh said it was fugly. Lol.  He has a point.

gore range:
….the Gore Prius story-

….my BFF, a partnered lesbian, and I were up in the mountains in the big red 4X4 truck  a couple Falls back relishing the stunning changing of the Aspens one beautiful  mid-September morning….

….off on a 4x4 trail just 100' below the summit of a 14,000 peak, we had a bit of a mishap, rolling the F-150 over on its side….

….we were suppose to meet Susan, her partner, for lunch in Idaho Springs for some Beau Joe’s Pizza, but now stranded high top the snow-dusted peak Nancy called her on the cell to let her know we were having a “little trouble with the truck”, and would not be able to rendezvous for the legendary mountain pie, and we would call later letting her know when we "got things fixed"….

....though, not much to fix with a 5,000lb 4x4 laying on it's side atop a  14,000 peak....

….6 hours later we were finally off the mountain, of course sans big red still laying on its side at 14,000, and Nanc called Susan from Fairplay, CO to let her know we couldn't get the truck running, and would she come pick us up in the Prius….

….took Sus about 90 minutes to make the drive west of Denver on US285 to get to us, and after she calmed down upon learning the actual reality, we had a hefty steak dinner in at the old hotel in Fairplay before heading back down to the mile high in the fade evening twilight….

….now US 285 is a rather  challenging 2-lane to even most non-turbo  cars, winding between peaks and up and over numerous cuts and passes….

….and true to form, the girls had me driving them back to Denver, piloting the Prius through the often eye-opening grades and turns in the fading light, with Nanc up front beside me in the rather jet-fighter tight front, and Suz still de-stewing in the back….

….climbing up a rather long curved grade over one of the numerous passes, Suz bellows out- “Oh come on, now, you’re only doing 45. STEP ON IT DAMN IT!!!....

…..after a few rather awkward seconds of silence in the front seat, without turning around, Nanc calmly noted, “ Susan, you and I both weight in at just under 250, and Mario here is 180 dripping wet. We’re at 8,000 feet elevation, he’s had it floored for the last 5 minutes and we’re going up the pass  as fast as this dry-cell powered thing can possibly go. We’ll be glad to pull over and let you out to lighten the load so we can go faster.”….

….took a week or two to get out of the not-so-gay-anymore dog house, and I didn’t even say anything :-\ ….

…..though, she dumped the Prius shortly there after, has a fuel injected 6-banger now :D …


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