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Read this, then ask yourself, did I do this by myself as a kid? I sure did.

We seniors and almost seniors had much more freedom than today's kids do. The high profile abduction cases starting with that little boy Adam in FL changed all that.

I didn't read this article but did see the television report.  My childhood consisted of me running all over Mt. Washington, into downtown Pittsburgh and even catching the bus to Oakland, South Park and even Kennywood.  For 35 cents (you could get a transfer ticket for the next leg) we left in the morning and didn't return until dinner.  This was before cell phones.  I do believe these are different times, so I am not sure how I feel about this. I do know that I raised my daughters more closely than my parents did, but as I said time have changed.

At age 10  had ridden my bike to Conneaut Lake Park, Cambridge Springs Coons Corners and probably a lot of other places I don't remember. I also walked all over the woods by myself in up by Ross Run. It's hard to get lost in the woods there as long as you remember to find and follow running water to get to a road though. Yes, I'm a parent and I want my kids to be safe, however the norms and mores of todays society say that's bad and one must be punished. At the rate the we're going they'll eventually chip future generations like our pets on the day we're born.

Man did we run wild and have fun.  All day out on our bikes.  Everyone knew us and watched out for us too.  Sure wish my kids could have had it like I did.


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