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Happy Thanksgiving

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To my friends here I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a special time for me.  I was married on Thanksgiving Day in 1976 and remember it like yesterday.  Thanksgiving is a great holiday, emphasis on family, food and counting blessings.  I don't do any of that Black Friday stuff.Janetplanet

Same to all... Will be spending the day with a widowed Sister-in-Law, her dog, my wife and our dog. table scraps will be flying. I too don't do the Black Friday...maybe some Cyber Monday tho. And because of "Colon Pimpledick" and his antics last fall... I will continue to NOT watch NFL. Other than that... be safe in your travels and have the emergency room on speed dial in case of a tryptophan overdose  ;D .

The Wraith:
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that participate, used to participate, and just read the shenanigans here. Enjoy time with those you care deeply for and make new memories to carry forward. Don't forget about those who will not be spending time with their families because they are in an ambulance, a fire truck, police car, hospital, or a military fighting vehicle somewhere on the planet. Best wishes to you all.

We're staying home this year. I have one trip to the grocery store to make to get a few straggling things like celery and cranberry sauce. Friday is basically "hunker down" down day. I've went' out once on Black Friday just to "see" what it was all about. I lasted about 90 minutes, said "eff this" and came home. I'm not much on large crowds, let alone ones that are unfocused. Christmas shopping will happen right where I'm sitting at this moment.

Whatever you do, be safe and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving folks! I hope you all have a very nice day.


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