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Iíve reached the age where researching electronics has become nearly physically painful.  Considering passing our tv on to relatives and replacing it with new technology.  I searched google for this information and it returned results that may as well have been written in Mandarin Chinese. Iíve officially become old I guess. 
Iím replacing a Samsung Plasma. (NP, I think our tvís are identical)  and Iíd like a similar quality (adjusted for todayís technology) range. 
The main features I seek are picture quality and reliability.  (Our current plasma has fantastic picture). Connectedness is the least important feature.  We donít stream much content.  Mainly cable sports, tv and watching vacation picture slideshows.  Lol.

gore range:
I had a full career in the spy satellite business working with the imaging technology which over the decades evolved from actually catching canisters of film mid-air with C-130s over the middle of the Pacific that were periodically elected from spy satellites, to the digital revolution you are now watching in your living room and bedroom today. Several times a month, usually before hitting the hay for the evening, I pull up GOOGLE EARTH and still check on some old rather intimately ingrained 'targets' in several global 'areas of denial', as old habits do tend to die hard.

The new 4K sets are visually most impress, tho the TV programming has yet to reach the mass market, with the 1080DP high definition programming pretty standard everywhere. Really, when youíre laying in bed watching the late show, just how much 4K Colbert do you need to see? His scared ear looks pretty much the same whether in 1080 or 4K.

The mile-high bunker currently has eight HD LED TVs and seven HD computer monitors. Fair to say Iíve tracked the evolution of the technology and the cost/benefits of the evolving technology over the year.

What Iíve learned regarding my entertainment-value TV purchases pretty much boils down to Ė

....after the initial wow-factor wears off on the brand new latest and greatest high-price stuff,

....that new latest and greatest high-price stuff high quality stuff quickly become a lots less pricey stuff as competitors begin producing the same technology Ė

....at a decreasingly LOT less selling price.

Iíve become a bit of a fan of Wal-Mart online purchases, buying technology which isnít brand-new and has clearly established itself favorably in the consumer review comments.

I have had good experiences with the SPECTRE LED TVs.

The bunker command-post control-desk large screen LED TV-

....a low end Walmart online SCEPTRE 42Ē, 1080DP TV

The sound quality on the bedroom 36Ē SPECTRE ($180) left a little to be desired volume wise, but such was quickly overcome by adding a less than $50 LOGITECH desk top PC speaker system to the external jack.

The desk TV sounds good, tho I did wire it to the desk stereo to facilitate really blasting when the aurally-stimulating need may arise.

For years now, I ran my flight simulator programs on a separate dedicated desk top and a 17Ē single screen monitor. I recently treated my aging self and upgraded to a high-end gaming Ďputer and added triple wide-screen monitors, plus a four screen for on line map display and route planning, to enhance my old age digital aeronautical adventures reliving old escapades well outside the grasp of the FAA.-

....all low end online Wallyworld 23Ē  1080DP TVs for less than $80 each; really great imagery presentation as I fly around the old haunts safely pushing the envelope while sitting at the table munching snacks and sipping diet ginger ale.

Tho, I just decided to upgrade those 23Ē monitors to online Wallyworld 43Ē SCEPTRE 1080 DP TVs, for $230 each.

They came in last Monday, but Wallyworld mistakenly shipped 4K sets rather than the 1080DP sets I ordered and need to run the flight sim. I sent them back to get the lower quality 1080 DP sets I ordered.

Imagine that, not wanting 4K TV sets and sending them back.....tho, running the .high end flight sim program on the three 4K screens is reported by simmers to be a bit problematic, technically. One 4K screen...., likely do-able, with some fidgeting. But three screens, not so much.  The 1080DP set imagery is usually eye-opening, so no need for 4k...........yet.

The common wisdom is that this is the time of the year, pre-super bowl, to buy a new set.

I choose free shipping to the store, that way, they arrive securely, and if not what I ordered, easy to return/refund.

RIght now Samsung and LG are the two top players. VIzio  is the best of the sensibly priced stuff. Sony is up there but they still command a premium. LED's have improved to where they have necessary responsiveness for watching things with a lot of motion. I can't comment much on the 4K stuff, but contact your TV provider to see is they even offer any programming in 4K.  If you get a 4K TV they you'll want a 4K blue ray player to go with it.

In all honesty a "smart TV" is a waste, but sometimes it's part of the package and there's no way around it. The apps are rarely updated and they are poorly written. Our $35 chromecast does 100 times more than the upcharge we paid for a smart TV.

If you can avoid going to a big box store I would. Don't go to Sams, though Costco is some better. The reason is they do special runs that may use parts that aren't quite up to the original design spec.   I'll see if I can find out more next week.

We got our tv from here, no problems at all (and not sales tax)

Here's a list of 4K TV's


we got the square trade warranty fwiw.

gore range:
....the common bane of the box stores-

....customers going to the box stores to look at the product/TV picture at the huge variety display on the bqck wall-

....then going home and purchasing their new product on line from another merchant. :D


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